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Dec 2017

Egg Hoggers Ep 1: Steve Irwin’s Death Was The End of Honest Reporting

December 26, 2017

Today's Festive Report Includes: ‘6 y/o Nihilist Sticks It To The Maner’, ‘Idiot News Anchor Is Idiot’, ‘Hershey’s Thief Faces Woody Justice, 'Christmas Re-T(w)REE-t', ‘Christmas Bones’,  ‘Ethereum Crazy Cat Ladies’, ‘Feral Scumbags Holiday Deliverance’, ‘ Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation: Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament’, ‘Real Manger Danger’.


Also: What We Would Like For Christmas and some Holiday Dunks!


Intro by Run DMC

Outro By Macross 82-99: 

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza, Nicole Rodriguez.