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The Less You Know

May 2018

Ep 35: Your Dad’s Closet

May 15, 2018

A.K.A. The More You Hamster…

Today’s Report Includes: “Dr. Randy’s Birthday Swats ”[1], “I’m Just A Zucc, Just 100 Board-Zuccs”[2], “R&R&S&M”[3], “Bibles For Babies”[4], “Robin B  Homeless”[5], & “A Dr. Dré Off”[6].

Also, The Fanfaric Return of Nicole’s List!!


Intro & Outro By: Macross 82-99

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza , Nicole Rodriguez


Game Corner: Enter the Gungeon (Switch)


1. Principal Will No Longer Give ‘Birthday Spankings' After Parents Complain

2. 'Army' of 100 Zuckerberg cutouts protests Facebook CEO on Capitol Hill

3. Arca Designed a $6,450 Pair of Leather BDSM Headphones

4. NC woman accused of trying to steal babies says she just wanted to give them bibles

5. Jackie Chan’s Daughter Says She’s Now Homeless Because of ‘Homophobic Parents’

6. Dr Dre loses trademark battle with Gynaecologist Dr Drai


Till’ Next Time,  C’mon Baby Let’s Go Party.