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Jun 2020

Ep 100: And The Moon Is A Lady And The Sun Is A Boy! ft. Alfred Coleman

June 22, 2020

a.k.a [Day 13 of COVID-19]

Welcome to the 100th Episode of The Less You Know Podcast!!! Join us as we wrap up the end of the Demon Urn Saga started in 2017 with our Guest and Former Host Alfred Coleman!!! 

We at The Less You Know are supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Protests. We would like you to please take your time and go over to these websites below to educate yourself and find ways to help out people in need during this major movement. Also Check out our Black History Month Special Black To Our History Episode 1.

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"A thread currently 163 videos deep of absolute police brutality and power abuse" - @boomerhunter55

IMPORTANT INFO: Immigrants to the US can get DEPORTED for being “too political”. If you are not from the US and trying to get a Green Card in the future but want to still help the cause still please read this thread!!!

We hope we can bring some comedy to yo ur COVID-19 lockdown. Keep safe! Wash your hands! Don't panic! Please go to to keep up to date on the situation. <3 

Intro & Outro: Macross 82-99

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza, Nicole Rodriguez

Special Guest: Alfred Coleman