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The Less You Know

Dec 2017

Ep 16: Vally Without A Cause ft. Valerie Garnace

December 11, 2017

Today's Report Includes: ‘Flat Earth Space Program’, ‘Nut For You? Nut For Me’, ‘Panda Can Walk Backwards Fast As You Can’,  ‘Un-Fortuitous Fan Fumble’, ‘An Article That Is Very Nice, My Wife!’, ‘What Happens When Net Neutrality Dies’, ‘Siberian Shears Sleep-State Sooth-Say Into Scalp!’, & Two Real Time Breaking News Updates!


Also, Brandon really tries to make ‘Choose-day’ Happen while Bahamut tries to take our jobs .


Intro & Outro By Macross 82-99: 
Valerie's Twitter: 

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza, Nicole Rodriguez & Guest: Valerie Garnace.