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The Less You Know

Mar 2018

Ep 29: A Millennial Thing ft. Big American Fred

March 27, 2018

A Shock Jock Radio Show For A Different Generation...

Today's Report Includes: “How To Scan a Skeleton Clutching a Purse”, “A Living Ghost”, “Tinder Double Trouble”, “Paint By (Can I Get Your) Number”, “One Hand In The Meatball Jar”, “Tadpo-ly Shit!”, & “I’ve Heard of Young Blood On The Track, But Young Blood In The Elderly?!??”

Also: Nicole removes the gold from under her pillow and joins the modern day & Brandon gets some career advice from our guest!!


Intro & Outro By Macross 82-99

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilzaNicole Rodriguez.

Special Guest: Crazy Uncle Fred