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The Less You Know

May 2018

Ep 34: Sculpted Butts ft. Gene Goldstein

May 8, 2018

A.K.A. A Slender Man-Hole…

Today’s Report Includes: “Arse Reactor”[1], “Get The Scoop On the Woopity Poop!”[2], “DigiPornstars Are The Champions”[3], “Brain Train”[4],& “Cry Closet”[5].

Also, The Fanfaric Return of Nicole’s List!! 


Intro & Outro By: Macross 82-99

Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza , Nicole Rodriguez

Special Guest: Gene Goldstein!
Planet Panic Short


Game Corner: Sword of Ditto (PC), Enter the Dungeon (Switch), Unholy Heights (Switch), Welcome to the Game (PC), Mom Hid My Game (Switch) 


1. Inspired Avengers Sex Toys

2. Kanye Releases New Rap Song

3. Company Launches a VR World for 3D Sex

4. Startup is Pitching a Mind Uploading Service!

5. Universeity Student Creates The Cry Closet 

Till’ Next Time, Git God Capitalism.