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Feb 2021

The Party You Smash Ep 1: Every Bud On My Taste

February 2, 2021

a.k.a [Day 34 of COVID-19] (This episode was recorded 01/16/21)

Welcome to the first of many episode of The Party You Smash! We promised you years ago and here it finally is!!! In the year 2021 where the world can drink and get lit~~~ Join as your hosts get smashed while trying to do a normal episode... It's not pretty. This episode was recorded in front of a live twitch audience!!!

If you missed out on the livestream this episode had 2 parts and the rest of it will be available on Youtube! Featuring Special Guest: Simon Lucas Howe and KingKing01 a loyal eagle eared listener of this podcast~ If you come to our live shows you might also get a chance to join us.

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Intro & Outro: Macross 82-99
Hosts: Brandon Babcock, André LaMilza, Nicole Rodriguez